Bárbara Milano

The Calmon-Stock Collection indicates the collective


by Bárbara Milano


In order to talk a little about what it is, let us start with the difficult term: racialised. Difficult for all its scope when we think about the complexity of cultural relations, racialised builds the foundations of what we are questioning: belonging, gender, race…The sad heritage of 365 years of slavery, the migratory flows not yet processed in the collective imaginary, the ancestral plural root of the original peoples from this Pindorama land. Paths that appear in the term and set the trajectory of this collective construction. Without a set of rules or instructions manual, we follow in an organic manner based above all on availability. Born as a Rising, out of the restlessness of four young artists from the city of Rio de Janeiro, the collective today expands across the country with spontaneous articulations of its members. Present in the five political regions of the country, Trovoa National gets stronger as a platform of articulation among racialised artists, curators and art educators.

Almost five years later, a mapping of who and how many we are is imperfect, given the many distinctive circumstances of production and access across the country. However, it is possible to say we are many, and many are the actions beyond the restricted space of art. Lifting the veils of invisibility to which non-white bodies are submitted inside this formal sphere of production and circulation of works, we keep together, giving voice to the ones they refuse to listen to, showing what they refuse to see… Bárbara Milano; Mônica Ventura; Camila Rocha Campos; Ianah Maia; Sheyla Ayo; May Agontinme; Aline Besouro; Kika Carvalho; Bianca Leite; Agatha Fiúza; Mariana Rodrigues; Nutyelly Cena; Eliana Barbosa de Amorim; Júlia Vicente; Glauce Patrícia da Silva Santos; Priscila Rezende; Karolina Pacheco; Moara Brasil; Jaque Rodrigues; Renata Felinto; Marissa Noana; Dhiovana Barroso; Hariel Revignet; Òkun; Fabiana Francisca Santos; Edilene Pinheiro Sales Huni Kuin; Maria Macêdo; Keila Serruya Sankofa; Auá Mendes; Consuelo Vea Coroca; Isadora Matos Mirim; Rebecca Batista de França; Thais Chaves; Gê Viana; Ione Reis; Jùjú; Gi Vatroi; Ariana Nuala; Lia Leticia; Georgia Niara; Mayara Maria Ferreira da Costa; Julliana Araújo; Marta Supernova; Aline Besouro; Mariana Marques; Yedda Affini dos Santos; Keyna Eleison; Lais Amaral; Ana Clara Tito; Gabrielle de Souza dos Santos; Val Souza; Pétala Lopes; Silvana Mendes; Nazaré Soares; Carolina Lauriano; Bruna Kury; Gabriela Monteiro; Ricca Lee; Lidia Lisbôa; Micaela Cyrino; Ana Raylander Mártis; Mitti Mendonça; Rebeca Ramos; Raizza Rodrigues Prudêncio; Zaíra Tarin;  Mitsy Queiroz; Karina de Oliveira da Silva; ; CYSHIMI; Aline Furtado; Ceci Bandeira; Alice Yura; Suzana Amorim; Juliana Alves; Aline Motta; Regina Elias da Costa; Suyane Oliveira Santos; Mirna Kambeba; Joyce Firmiano dos Santos; Rebecca Batista de França; Juliana Alves Xukuru; Aline da Silva; Mayara da Silva Santos; Nathê Ferreira; Biarritzzz; Ana Lira; among others.